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IntelliGreen® and Greenstone GrowersTM
Dedicated to Helping You Harvest the
Sun, Wind, Rain and Crops!


Green Energy Consulting Services and Solutions!

IntelliGreen is a leading supplier of "hands-on" green energy consulting services and solutions for residential and commercial properties. Our experience includes solar, wind, water and agriculture.  IntelliGreen can help you SAVE 40-50% on your renewable solar energy project.  How do we do it?  Click on the Solar - Getting Started tab to find out.  You'll be glad you did :-)


Greenstone GrowersTM
  Preparing, Protecting and Planting Olive Trees!

Greenstone Growers (GSG) focuses on helping small farms and small residence farms properly prepare, protect and plant olive trees.  Olive oil is quickly joining wine as one California's world-class agricultural offerings.  In fact, 98% of the olive oil produced in the United States comes from California.   Plus, olive trees take less than 1/2 the water of most crops.  So, they are the perfect crop during these drought times.  

Let us help you capitalize on this unique growth opportunity!  Click on the Olives - Getting Started tab to get "up and growing" with olive trees starting today!

BTW - Did you know that "Greenstones" is one of the nicknames for olives (i.e. little green stones) before they are pitted and cured? That's the fun part in Greenstone Growers' name!

Note: Greenstone Growers is not affiliated with Greenstone Country, Greenstone Country HOA nor Greenstone Estates.

Intelligent Green Solutions! 

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