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"Getting Started with Solar"

If you are interested in learning how to cost effectively install solar on your US-based residence or commercial property and SAVE 40%-50% in the process, you've come to the right place.  Or, if you just need an objective (i.e. unbiased) 3rd-party evaluation of your solar needs, solar plans or solar lease, we can do that too.  We have "independently advised" our US-based clientele on all aspects of renewable energy since Y2008.  The choice is  yours!

For example, did you know that "you" can install 5000-6000 watts of solar (PV) panels on your house/barn/building for about $15,000 to $18,000 (~$3.00 p/watt)?  That usually reduces electric bills by up to 80%-90%.  By comparison, most solar companies charge $32,000 to $36,000 (~$6.00 p/watt) to install an equivalent solar system.  That's almost DOUBLE our clients' cost.  Plus, all of our clients have qualified for the US Federal government's 30% solar tax credit.  That's SAVED them an additional ~$5,000 making their total system cost ~$11,000-$13,000.  What a savings...

Example (6kW system):

Solar component costs (approx.):          $16,000  (@ IntelliGreen's volume discounts)
Consulting (Q&A services):                   $  1,150  (w/ IntelliGreen's Basic option)
Miscellaneous:                                   $    350  (optional electrician, etc)
Your total cost (approx.)                     $17,500

Equivalent solar company quote*:          $36,000

YOU SAVE:                                        $18,500

Plus, you'll get:                                  ~$5,000   in US Federal tax credits.

YOUR ACTUAL COST (approx.)              $12,500    ~6kW solar system (vs $36,000).

Getting Started

Step One.  Sign-up for a two (2) hour Solar Evaluation Session using the Buy Now button below.  We'll provide you with an unbaised evaluation of your solar needs, solar plans or solar lease "before" you make the jump.  We can do your initial session at your location if you live within 20 miles of Placerville, CA or via the phone or Skype for non-area residents (e.g. Dallas, Chicago, etc). 

"IntelliGreen's solar education session saved me over 20 hours of research time and provided me with the confidence I needed to make an informed decision.  Perfect." 

Click on the "Buy Now" button today!  We'll get back to you within 24 hours (M-F).

Solar Education Session

  While many solar companies claim that they will do your "initial consultation session" for FREE, it's really a "sales call" trying to pressure you into buying their $36,000+ solar system.  Our visit is not a "sales call".  It is an "education session" designed to help you make the right choices. 
Even if you decide not to DIY, the knowledge you will gain during your solar education session will help you make an informed decision when hiring a solar installation company or considering a solar lease.  Don't get caught behind the eight ball...

Step Two.  After completing your Solar Evaluation Session (above), should you decide to install solar yourself, we can help with that too.  Simply sign-up for our a) 5 hour "Basic" program, or b) 10 hour "Value" program, or c) 20 hour "Elite" consulting program.  We'll help you design and optimize your specific solar panel configuration including inverters, mounting rails, and wiring.  Once designed, we'll order the major solar components (e.g. solar panels, inverters, mounting racks, etc) for you and have them delivered to your home.  Or, you can order everything yourself.  The choice is yours!  Plus, we'll also walk you through what you can buy at your local hardware store or on-line.  With our help, installing solar is much easier than you think!

"IntelliGreen was always available to answer my questions.  Even after paying IntelliGreen for their Elite consulting services I saved over $12,000 on my solar system. Plus, IntelliGreen was able to buy all of the major components for me (e.g. solar panels, inverters, rails, etc) at a discount.  That saved me another $1,000 making their consulting services almost FREE!"

If you are very handy and very familiar with electrical components/wiring, the "Basic" program is usually sufficient.  If you are somewhat handy and somewhat familiar with electrical components/wiring, the "Value" program is usually sufficient.  If somewhat handy but are not too familiar with electrical components/wiring, the "Elite" (20 hour) program would be best for you!  Either way, you're going to SAVE thousands of dollars by 1) installing solar yourself and 2) taking advantage of our significant volume buying discounts.  Plus, we'll provide you with the advice and coaching you'll need to do DIY via the phone, email, Skype, or in person at your residence/building (mileage charges may apply).

Solar Project Consulting

* Solar project consulting hours are good for 180 days from purchase. 

"Three pieces of advice.  Hire IntelliGreen to consult with you first, install everything yourself second (i.e. with IntelliGreen's ordering and coaching), and hire an electrician to make the final electrical connections third. It will be money well spent!  I saved over $11,000 using IntelliGreen's Elite program.  They were great about answering all of my questions whenever I called."

FREE SOLAR - The Lease Myth:  Some US-based solar companies promise FREE solar via a lease.  Beware...  there's nothing FREE about it.  For the next twenty years (or more) you'll be paying $100-$200 a month and you still won't own your solar system.  It's like having another mortgage/lien against your house.  And, if you try to "sell" your house -- watch out!  If you need "unbiased" information on the "FREE solar" sales pitch (lease) before you sign on the 20 year dotted line... click on the "Buy Now" button below.  You'll be glad you did! 

"I was about to go the FREE solar route when I found out that the installer's proposed system was ideal for them ($$$) but not for me ($).   The IntelliGreen representative really opened my eyes to the pros/cons of supposedly free solar.  I almost made the mistake of signing on the 20-year dotted line.  This was the best money that I've ever spent.  It SAVED me tens of thousands of dollars. Plus, I own my solar system now.  No monthly solar mortgage to pay and my electricity costs are almost non-existent."
Solar Education Session

Isn't making an informed decision worth it?  You could potentially SAVE yourself tens of thousands of dollars (+ tax credits), reduce your energy bills by 80% or more, and own your solar system outright.  Click on the "Buy Now" button (above) now to learn more. 

Return on Investment (ROI):  If your current energy bill is around $2,200 per year, your Return-on-Investment (ROI) for a 6kW solar system should be ~five (5) years assuming energy prices continue to rise 5% per year.  If you have a solar company install your system for you, your ROI will be 10-12 years or more.  What a difference...  It's easy and cost effective with IntelliGreen's assitance!

Note:  To add yourself to our private email distribution list, simply send an email to with your name and email address.  We'll add you to our "bcc" email distribution list to keep you posted on our latest solar announcements :-)

Contact Info: You are welcome to contact us via email at  One of our representatives will be glad to contact you within 24 hours (M-F PST) to set-up your  education/consulting appointment.  Thank you!